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Old Theology Book House

Shipping & Returns



for Books Published by Old Theology Book House

(there are no discounts for books we stock and sell but do not publish)

DISCOUNTS to the Book Trade

                                    1 copy                                            no discount

                                    2-24 copies                                     40% off

                                    25-49 copies                                   42% off

                                    50-99 copies                                   45% off

                                    100 copies and higher                     50% off


            Orders should be prepaid, unless credit has been established. Credit may be established initially upon our reception and approval of 3 trade references. Alternately, credit may be established over time with a consistently good record of prepaid orders. Invoices are due after 30 days. A finance charge of 1.5% will be added to all balances not paid within 60 days.


          Books are typically shipped via the U.S. Postal Service’s Media Mail rate if a quantity of a dozen or less is ordered; otherwise by UPS. Should you be pre-paying, shipping charges should be added to your payment. (E-mail us to get the amount for the quantity that you are ordering.)  If you have established credit with us and we are invoicing, shipping charges will be added by us onto the invoice.


            We accept company checks, money orders, or bank drafts.


            MN businesses must inform us of their resale tax exemption number or tax will be added.


     Returns of undamaged books in salable condition are allowed between 90 days and one year from the date of invoice. However, permission must be requested ahead of time.  Note also that returns damaged in shipping are not our responsibility, but in such a situation the retailer should make claim to the carrier for refund. All returns must be accompanied by a packing slip listing title, quantity, original invoice number and invoice date. Books sent with this info and received undamaged and in salable condition will be refunded with 100% of the invoice price minus shipping. Returns are largely becoming a thing of the past, however, due to the time and expense involved in processing them, so that many retailers are looking at more efficient ways to reduce overstock (such as via discounts, sales, and promotions).

     Initial orders can be placed by sending a purchase order with credit references (as detailed above); otherwise, send prepayment by check, money order, or bank draft. Purchase orders may be sent to us by regular mail at: Old Theology Book House, P O Box 120342, New Brighton MN  55112. Re-orders or permission for returns may be sent by email to or by regular mail to our address as given above. Established customers who have been extended credit may also place orders by email.

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